Code Review During Research

CW2022 Mini Workshop


Code reviews at the time of publication

What about code quality?

Code review during research

Code Review benefits researchers themselves

  • Learning and knowledge transfer
    • Dissemination of good practices.
    • Continuous peer learning.
  • Collaboration
    • Group awareness, cohesion and trust
    • Makes it easier for people to join a team… and leave it.

Code Review is common software practice…

… in the software industry and open source communities.

Code review is very rare in academia

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of guidance
  • Lack of incentives
  • Lack of confidence

Code Review Community Group 2

(Code Review during research)

Guidelines as a website

Mini workshop outline

  1. Short intro to guidelines so far
  2. Tour of the website
  3. Collaborative discussion and feedback session (break out rooms)
  4. Report back
  5. Wrap up

Code review guidelines


  • Suited for “lone coder”
  • Short, and predictable time commitment
  • Informal and low stakes
  • Accessible to beginner programmers

Code review guidelines

The four steps

  1. Find a reviewer
  2. Meet and agree on objectives
  3. Perform code review
  4. Finalise

Tour of the website